Our Cyber Security Training In Hyderabad at Firewall Zone is the Complete Security Framework of Information Security. Firewall-Zone’s Cyber Security Training Program is hands-on practical understanding of Complete I.T. Security Life Cycle.

Our Uniquely designed course meets today’s Cyber Security Challenges.

It’s a Vendor neutral course we designed rather focusing on one security or a firewall, this gives students deeper and more comprehensive security exposure with real time working experience trainers, we keep students one step ahead of cyber security requirements & demands.

Our Cyber Security Training offer students technical hands-on courses on topics ranging from broader security to the latest cyber security includes basics of security, analyzing threats & vulnerabilities and attacks, security standards & auditing security controls, defensive skill-building infrastructure using largely used UTM devise like Fortinet, Juniper and Cisco’s CCNA Security, Hacking techniques, Endpoint application security, Security Management Applications like Monitoring & Log Server and everything in between.

Firewall-Zone’s Security Package bundle course is designed exclusively for candidates looking for their carrier in information security, these hands-on defense courses are led by some of the most sought after industry and subject matter experts having international experience with the goal of defining and defending tomorrow’s information security landscape.

Our Cyber Security Course provides student learn how to protects enterprise network security with the most complete &upto date solution in the industry, also gives the ability to design & Implement the enterprise and a complete I.T. Security.

Firewall-Zone’s Cyber Security Course will definitely grow your career in the information security field and overcome any learning plateau.

Ethical Hacking Course Training In Hyderabad

        1.     Foot printing and Reconnaissance
        2.     Sniffing and MIM (Man in the Middle Attack)
        3.     Advance Hacking
    I.         Foot Printing and Reconnaissance:
        1.     Identifying Vulnerability
        2.     Information Gathering
        3.     Exploring the Tools
                            ✓ DNS lookup
                            ✓ Trace Route
                            ✓ Whois Client
                            ✓ SNMP Walk
                            ✓ SNMP Audit
                            ✓ Launching a Security Scan
                            ✓ Deploying Custom Patches
        4.     Enumeration & Social Engineering:
                            ✓ Enumerate Computers
                            ✓ Enumerate Users
                            ✓ Hyena configuration
                            ✓ Server & Enterprise Network Scanning
    II.         Sniffing and MIM (Man in Middle Attack)::
        ✓     1. Sniffers
        ✓     App: Wireshark
        ✓     What is Wireshark?
        ✓     What Wireshark is not?
        ✓     Some Intended Purposes
        ✓     Features
        ✓     Live Capture from many Different Network Media
        ✓     Import Files from many other Capture Programs
        ✓     Export Files for many other Capture Programs
        ✓     Open Source Software
            System Requirements
                            ✓ Building and Installing Wireshark
                            ✓ Installing Wireshark under Windows
                            ✓ Installation Components
                            ✓ Additional Tasks
                            ✓ Installing WinPcap
                            ✓ Update Wireshark WinPcap
                            ✓ The Dashboard / Main window
                            ✓ Introduction / Prerequisites Capturing Live Network Data
                            ✓ Start Capturing
                            ✓ The Capture Interfaces dialog box
            Advanced Topics
                            ✓ Following TCP streams
                            ✓ The Follow TCP Stream Dialog Box
                            ✓ Show Packet Bytes
                            ✓ Decode AS
                            ✓ Show AS
                            ✓ Expert Information, Entries and dialog
                            ✓ Colorized Protocol Details Tree
                            ✓ Expert Packet List Column
                            ✓ TCP Analysis
                            ✓ Time Stamps
                            ✓ Wireshark Internals
                            ✓ Capture file formats
            2. MIM (Man in Middle Attack):
                            ✓ ARP Poisoning Attack:-
                            ✓ Installing cain and abel
                            ✓ Poisoning the ARP tables and sniffing the packet
    III.         Advance Hacking::
            DoS& DDoS Attack::
                            ✓ Installing Dos http
                            ✓ Flooding TCP & UDP flood
    III.         System Hacking::
                            ✓ Installing lc-crack
                            ✓ Brute Force Attack
                            ✓Sniffing Local Network
    III.         Hacking Web Application:
                            ✓Installing HTTrack Web site Copier
                            ✓Creating Policy
    III.         Creating Backdoor Using Kali Linux::
                            ✓Malware Threats
                            ✓Creating malware using msfvenom
                            ✓Postgresql server implementation
                            ✓Configuring Apache Web server
                            ✓Implementing Metaspolit Frame Work
                            ✓Using exploits and payloads

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